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updated 10/24/2016

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1836 Wisconsin Territorial census

Transcribed by Lynn McCleary

A full transcription of the first census for the area that would become the state of Iowa. The settled areas at that time were within the 1832 Black Hawk Purchase and include, in whole or in part, Clayton, Buchanan, Cedar, Clinton, Davis, Delaware, Des Moines, Dubuque, Fayette, Henry, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson, Jones, Lee, Linn, Louisa, Muscatine, Scott, Van Buren & Washington counties. (link opens in a new window)

1836 census - Wisconsin Territorial counties of Dubuque & Des Moines

1838 Clayton Co., Wisconsin Territory
This is the first census taken of what would become Clayton co. Iowa

Transcribed by Chuck Bluhm

1838 Wisconsin Territory census

1840 Clayton County Federal Census

All of Clayton county (on-site)

1850 Clayton County Federal Census

Transcribed by volunteers

Schedule 8, Mortalities - see death records index

1852 Iowa State Special Census
Clayton County

Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall

1854 Iowa State Special Census
Clayton County

Transcribed by Polly Eckles

All Clayton county townships

1856 Iowa Census, Clayton Co.
Composite Census Data for 1856

Transcribed by George Mills

Table 1 General demographics
Table 2 Industry/agriculture
Table 3 Agricultural statistics
Table 4a & 4b * Table 4c & 4d Professions of inhabitants
Table 5a & 5b * Table 5c & 5d Nativity of the inhabitants

1860 Clayton County Federal Census

Transcribed by volunteers

Buena Vista township
Cass township
Giard township
Grand Meadow township
Farmersburg township
pages: 122-129 * 130-137 * 138-144 * 145-151
Jefferson township
Lodomillo township
Mendon township
Millville township
Sperry township
Wagner township

1870 Clayton County Federal Census

Transcribed by volunteers

Enumerator's Instructions & Key to the columns
Boardman (partial) pages 139a-150b * 151a-157b
Cox Creek pages: 195a -207a
Farmersburg pages: 1-6 * 7-12 * 13-18 * 19-24 * 25-31
Lodomillo pages: 321a - 333b
Millville pages: 413a - 423b

1880 Clayton County Federal Census

Transcribed by various volunteers.

Note! These files are off-site and are not searched by the Clayton co. search engine!

Cox Creek: ed130-pg0313 * ed130-pg0316 * ed130-pg0320
Lodomillo: ed138-pg0419 * ed138-pg0422 * ed138-pg0425 * ed138-pg0429
Mallory: ed139-pg0433 * ed139-pg0437 * ed139-pg0442
Millville: ed143-pg0495a * ed143-pg0498 * ed143-pg0502

1885 Iowa State Census

Transcribed by Todd Ehlers

Enumerator instructions & legend
Transcribers notes

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