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"Gad Hunt was a soldier in the RW and his uncle was an officer in the French and Indian War before the revolution.  I have pictures of all the graves.  The government put up stones for them and my brother went to Coventry Conn. and took them for me so my girls could get to be members of the DAR."

 Julia Marcella Hunt Pearson, g-grandaughter of Gad Hunt Sr.,  1939



Generation I

1. Gad Hunt Sr.

He was born in Coventry, Tolland Co. CT January 27, 1749.  His parents were Simeon Hunt and Hannah Loomis Lyman.

The name Gad Hunt is found on a list of Coventry men who served  during the Revolutionary War.   He was a Private in Capt. Sanford's Co. and later was a Sergent in Captain Nathaniel Wales' Company of Colonel Jonathan Latimer's Regiment of the CT Militia  drafted Aug. 24, 1777 and discharged Oct. 30, 1777.

I have found Gad Hunt in the first census of the United States for the year 1790, Connecticut, Tolland Co., Coventry Town.  His household included 3 males under 16 years of age, himself as head-of-household & 3 females.

He married Elizabeth  Woodward on August 16, 1769 in Coventry.   Elizabeth was born in Tolland, CT on August 28, 1747.    Her parents were Nathaniel Woodward and Elizabeth Aborn/Asborn. [I also have Woodward family data to share]

Gad Hunt SR died May 6, 1806.  Elizabeth Woodward died July 13, 1829.  He is buried  in a cemetery on Rt 31, N of Coventry, CT.  Elizabeth is likely buried in the same cemetery.

Gad Hunt  SR and Elizabeth Woodward had 6 children:

2.   Esther Hunt +
3.   Gad Hunt JR +
4.   Sanford Hunt +
5.   Campa Hunt +
6.    Horace Hunt +
7.    Elijah Hunt +

Generation II

2. Esther Hunt
(Gad 1 Hunt)

She was born in Coventry, CT March 10, 1771.

She married Minor Cobb of Coventry, CT in 1800.  Esther was his second wife. They had 7 children:  Sanford, Edwin, Olivia Shepard, Fanny Rose,  Clarissa Hunt, Nelson and Julia Esther. 

Minor Cobb died in 1829 & Esther died on September 14, 1851. 


3. Gad Hunt Jr.
(Gad 1 Hunt)
He was born in Coventry, CT on April 14, 1773. 

His name appears on the Coventry, CT Freemans Lists 1786 - 1803.  He took the Freeman's Oath in  Sept  of 1795.
He married Mary Bissel on March 30, 1802. They had 4 children:  Mary Bissel, Clarissa Harlowe, Sanford Myrtello and Lucius Abbot.  

Gad Hunt Jr. died March 12, 1835 at 61 years of age.


  4. Sanford Hunt
(Gad 1 Hunt)
He was born in Coventry, CT on April 17, 1777. 

He married Fanny Rose in Torrington, CT on December 25, 1799.   She was the daughter of Samuel Rose of the Continental Army and Elizabeth Hale, daughter of Richard Hale of Coventry --  thus Fanny was  a niece of the  infamous Nathan Hale.

Sanford and Fanny moved to western NY with their children in 1818 and settled in an area which came to be known as Hunts Hollow, located  about midway between two hamlets: Nunda and Portageville.   He owned a country store & grist mill.  The 1820 census shows them living in Nunda, Livingston Co. NY.

They had 10 children:  Samuel Rose, John Hale, Elizabeth, Mary, Washington, Horace Hale, Medad, Fanny Rose, Sanford and Edward Bissel.   Their son Washington went on to become the Governor of New York state 1851-1853.

Sanford died June 7, 1849 in Hunts Hollow, NY, and is buried in the Hunts Hollow cemetery.  Fanny Rose died on February 6, 1846 and is most likely buried in Hunts Hollow.


5. Campa Hunt
(Gad 1 Hunt)
She was born in Coventry, CT November 22, 1779. Her given name may be Clarissa -- Campa being a nickname. 

She married Azel Goodwin on November 23, 1809. Azel is said to have been from Coventry, CT.  They were living in Coventry in 1853.

They had 4 children: Henry Sanford,  Clarissa Hunt, Eveline  and Charles Fayette. 

Campa Hunt died in 1859.


6. Horace B. Hunt
(Gad 1 Hunt)
He was born in Coventry, CT June 7, 1788. 

He was publisher-editor and an agent of the  American Bible Society in Thompson, CT.  He later removed to New York and is found on the 1830 & 1840 census in Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY. 

Horace married twice, first to  Betsey Salmon in CT, abt 1811.  She was born in Stratford, CT on January 5, 1790.  She died aft December 25, 1825 at approximately 35 years of age.  Her parents were  Richard Salmon and Aner Thompson of CT.  Horace and Betsey had 7 children:  Richard Salmon, William Hudson, Horace B., Elizabeth, Sarah Salmon, Lansing and  Horace Beebe. 

Second, he married Susan Barker aft 1825. 

Horace B. died abt 1868 in Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY.


7. Elijah Hunt
(Gad 1 Hunt)
He was born in Coventry, CT September 20, 1782. 

He married Mehitable Dexter on April 29, 1804.  She was the daughter of James Dexter and Mehitable Hall.  Elijah's  granddaughter Julia Hunt Pearson  wrote: "Father's mother died when he was 3 wks. old and his father when he was 3 mo. old.  An aunt raised him. Father had a twin sister ...." 

Elijah died June 16, 1807.  Mehitable died in late March or early April of 1807.

Research note:   Julia Hunt Pearson's memoirs contradicts many of the other cited death dates for Elijah and Mehitable. This same document states that the children of Elijah and Mehitable were twins.  She doesn't mention any other children. A fellow Hunt researcher sent me the following note by e-mail; it gives a possible clue to the mystery:  "I hired a researcher in the Coventry area many years ago & she said that in the town records it showed that in 1807 died Elijah Hunt's child, wife & self.  That reinforces the idea that Horace was a twin, but I have no further info."  More research  needs to be done to discover  the circumstances of their deaths.

Elijah Hunt and Mehitable Dexter had 2 children:

8.    Hannah Hall Hunt +
9.    Horace Stoughton Hunt +

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