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2. Wesley Murch
He was born in Newcastle Co., St. Georges Hundred, DE in 1791.  The name of his wife is uncertain, but she may have been named Sarah.

His father bequeathed him  "my Red House together with the yard & garden thereunto belonging  situated & being in the Village of Port Penn"

He died February 6, 1828 in DE, at 36 years of age.

Wesley Murch and unknown had 1 child:

8. Matthew Murch  (1815-1892)


3. Dickenson Murch
He was born in New Castle Co., St. Georges Hundred, DE on April 23, 1796.

On the 1820 census St. George Hundred, New Castle Co. DE  he is listed as Richard D. Murch, age 24.  The enumerator first wrote Richard Murch and then inserted a "D" between the two names.  This suggests that he was known as "Dick Murch" and the taker assumed it was short for Richard. 

It is unknow if he married or had issue, but it is very likely that he did.


4. Mary Ann Murch
She was born in Newcastle Co., St. Georges Hundred, DE on May 1, 1796.

She married twice.  She married first Rev. Richard Lyon on  February 3, 1817 in NJ.  Richard Lyon was born July 23, 1771.  His parents were  Henry Lyon and  Ann Everett. Mary Ann was his second wife.   He was a traveling Methodist minister.  From a letter written by a ggranddaughter of Richard Lyon and Mary A. Murch. .  "Grandfather Lyon's mother's maiden name was Murch.  She was a native of Maryland and was a slave owner." Richard Lyon died December 31, 1821 in Woodbury, NJ "in his 51st year".

Mary Ann married second, Richard Pearson SR [
#9 Pearson family] in DE, in February 1823.  Her daughter-in-law, Julia Hunt Pearson wrote of Mary Ann: "...... Richard Pearson SR ...... fell in love with the widow of a Methodist minister that his father wanted to marry.  This caused trouble and they were estranged, so I know little more of that family...... [her name was] Mary Ann Murch.  Her mother was born in Ireland.  She had 2 children when she married him. Their names were Edmond and Susan Lyons. They lived on an island in Chesapeake Bay called Bombakook*, which was close to Maryland."    [*Bombay Hook island is actually in Delaware Bay] 

Mary Ann and Richard lived for a time in OH and then in 1833 Richard "took his family to a small town which is still located on the Mississippi River in ILL.  He rented a house. [Mary Ann]  told him to take most of his money and go find a home.  She said she would find work and support the family although she was all most entirely deaf, having lost her hearing about four years before, when her youngest child was born.  Richard returned to them in a year without finding any place to locate.  People then were beginning to locate in Iowa on the Mississippi. So he went across near what is now Guttenburg [Jefferson twp., Clayton Co. IA] and got a large grant from the President in Washington for a home. There was no school nearer than Dubuque, but Mary Ann and the eldest child Susan, taught the boys at home.  There were dense woods all around them with plenty of deer and wild turkey, and fish in the river.  There were also all kinds of wild fruit such as plums, crab apples and berries.  Also lots of nuts on the Hickory, Butternut and Walnut trees.  They made all the maple sugar they could, and sold some when they went in their canoe up the Mississippi to Prairie du Chien or Ft. Crawford for supplies. They raised corn meal for all their food.  They had a barrel of flour which was used only when the traveling preacher came through to hold meetings as he generally stayed with them. But the children seldom got anythig but cornmeal. The soon had butter and eggs to sell and use too."

This photo is believed to be
of Mary Ann Murch Pearson

Mary Ann is mentioned in a wedding news item  about 1843, when her son Edmond Burke Lyon married Harriet Sisson 'at his mother's home.'   In September, 1878 the Postville Review ran this item:  "Last Thursday lightning struck a large cottonwood tree, which stood about nine feet from Richard Pearson's house in Hardin, breaking window panes, bursting open the doors and sending slivers of the tree through the house, driving a splint right into a tree which stood near by, and leaving one about four inches wide and five feet long on the door step. Mr. Pearson was sitting in a rocking chair, with his feet on the stove hearth, his feet were knocked from the hearth, and he received quite a shock. Mrs. Pearson was up stairs.  She thought something struck her on the head.  She is very deaf and can not even hear thunder."

Mary Ann died February 26, 1880 in Hardin, IA, at 83 years of age.  Richard Pearson died on December 23, 1882.  They are buried in the Grand Meadow cemetery, Clayton Co. IA.

Mary Ann Murch and Rev Richard Lyon  had 3  children:

9.    Edmund Burke Lyon   (1818 -1903 )
10.  Susan E. Lyon   (1819 -  ?)
11.  Samuel Lyon    (1821 -1822)

E.B. Lyon

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Mary Ann Murch and Richard Pearson SR had 4 children:

12.   George W. Pearson +
13.    Jane Pearson +
14.   William Pearson +
15.   Richard Pearson +


5. Martha Murch
She was born in New Castle Co., DE on June 30, 1799.    

She married John Naudine on November 15, 1825. John was born 1779 in New Castle Co., Appoquinimink Hundred, DE.  Martha was John's third wife.  After John's death she never remarried and lived with her mother.  R. Bennett's 'Naudain Family of Delaware' paints an unflattering picture of Martha Murch:   "... his third wife, Martha, treated John's younger children very cruelly, and that they finally left to live with their half-brothers, Elias and James Nelson Naudain."

John died August 6, 1827 at 48 years of age.  Martha died September 18, 1873.  The Murch Bible: "Died Sept 18th 1873 at six o'clock in the morning of Dropsy, Martha Ann Naudine daughter of Mathew Murch and Martha Ann his wife, and widow of the late John Naudine, age 74 years."


6. James Murch
He was born in New Castle Co., DE on May 29, 1803.   The name of his wife is unknown.  They are found on the 1830 census for Delaware, St. George Hun., N.Castle Co., Port Penn with one son.

James Murch died on August 2, 1831.

James Murch and unknown had 1 child:

16.    Theodore Murch     (1825- ?)


7. Sarah Ann Murch
She was born in New Castle Co., DE on January 18, 1806.

She married Joseph Walraven aft 1837.  Joseph was son of Charles Walraven and Lydia Aspril, and the grandson of patriot Joseph Aspril who signed the Oath of Allegiance in New Castle Co. DE.  Sarah Ann was Joseph's second wife.

She died on January 13, 1889 at 82 years of age.

Sarah Ann Murch and Joseph Walraven had at least 1 child:

17.     James Walraven

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