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Reincke family
Germany to Iowa
page 1 - Generation I


1. Carl Reincke
He was born in Mecklenberg, Germany May 19, 1850.  I do not know who his parents were.

He married Hannah Sophia Marie Schultz in Germany, January 10, 1873.  Hannah was born in Germany on March 10, 1846.  She was the daughter of William Schultz and Anna Markwork (family lore) or Hannah Gussman (record of death).  Her family called her "Mary". 

Carl and Mary immigrated from Germany aboard Hamburg-America Line steamship S.S. Wieland, arriving at the port of New York on October 19, 1882.    


They settled near Farmersburg, Clayton Co. Iowa and Carl farmed. By 1900 they are living on their farm in Post twp. Allamamakee co. Iowa. When Carl retired in 1908, he and Mary moved into the nearby town of Postville, Allamakee Co. Iowa.

Carl was naturalized as a US citizen on January 5, 1922.

Mary died of a stroke on December 5, 1934 in Postville,  at 88 years of age.  She was  buried December 08, 1934 in the Postville Cemetery in Area B. Carl died August 11, 1937 in Postville, at 87 years of age.  He was buried next to Mary on August 13, 1937.

Carl Reincke & Hannah Schultz had 7 children:

2. Eda Reincke +
3  Anna M. Reincke +
4  Charles Frederick Reincke +
5  Mary Sophia Reincke +
6  Amelia Sophia Reincke +
7  Arthur Friedrich Reincke +
8  Frederick J. Reincke +

My heartfelt thank-you to K. Reincke for the immigration & naturalization information for Carl Reincke.

Carl Reincke family c1895
back row: Mary, Eda, Charles Anna & Amelia
front row: Carl, Arthur, Frederick & Mary

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Reincke family reunion photo - 1956


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